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Publicerad: 2021-02-07

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Patient safety in primary and emergency care:

This thesis explores aspects of risk and safety in health care. Patient safety is about preventing harm to patients. A perspective of resilience is used, which is a proactive approach to making care safer. Resilient organisations recognise the fact that work is done in a complex and adaptive system that can be improved, not only by studying what goes wrong, but even more so by studying what works well. The thesis adds to previous research by studying patient safety in first-contact care, primary health care and the emergency department, resulting in new knowledge that could be used to make care safer.

Publicerad: 2021-01-31

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Health at a Glance 2019 OECD Indicators:

Health at a Glance compares key indicators for population health and health system performance across OECD members, candidate and partner countries. It highlights how countries differ in terms of the health status and health-seeking behaviour of their citizens; access to and quality of health care; and the resources available for health. Analysis is based on the latest comparable data across 80 indicators, with data coming from official national statistics, unless otherwise stated. Alongside indicator-by-indicator analysis, an overview chapter summarises the comparative performance of countries and major trends, including how much health spending is associated with staffing, access, quality and health outcomes. This edition also includes a special focus on patient-reported outcomes and experiences, with a thematic chapter on measuring what matters for people-centred health systems. Rapport som kommer ut vartannat år från OECD. Här med särskilt fokus på patientreaktioner.

Publicerad: 2020-12-01

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Patient safety - Patientsäkerhet:

WHO Europe har mycket information på området patientsäkerhet, se länk nedan. The simplest definition of patient safety is the prevention of errors and adverse effects to patients associated with health care. While health care has become more effective it has also become more complex, with greater use of new technologies, medicines and treatments. Health services treat older and sicker patients who often present with significant co-morbidities requiring more and more difficult decisions as to health care priorities. Increasing economic pressure on health systems often leads to overloaded health care environments.

Publicerad: 2020-11-23

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